Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to School! Journal Entry

To kind of cut between the reviews, savings, and frugal posts I plan to make a few journal entries a month. I don't plan on it being a daily, or even weekly, thing. Just occasional updates on my life :)

This week has been a pretty hectic one. It seems the moment that I think I have it all together and a plan- everything changes. I go with the flow pretty well, but some things end up suffering.

My kids started school on Tuesday. I now have a Kindergartener and a Second grader! I can hardly believe it. I thought that having them in school would open up so much free time. The first day started off great.I went out to coffee with my friends and even walked the mall (I hadn't been to the mall in so long!). Then I got home and started feeling gross. I blamed the Chinese food I splurged on, but after finding out others were getting sick I discovered it was a stomach bug.

There went my free time. I managed to keep the house somewhat picked up and tend to the baby, and that was about it. I couldn't even grocery shop because being surrounded by food was probably the worst place for me. So my lovely husband took over. He did the grocery shopping (and even mealplanned while he shopped!). He didn't set any savings records, but he did buy food for our family and I have a list of meals ready to prepare. Did I mention that he took all three children with him so I could rest? Love him.

I had to pull myself together to attend orientation at school the next day. I am finally a senior and see the light at the end of the 7 year tunnel of education. That took up most of my day, then when the kids came home I was on mom duty. The baby was with my husband all day while I was at school, and he let me know exactly what he thought about that when I got home. And today for that matter. He took a 4 hour nap on my lap- I think he is afraid that if I leave his sight for more than a moment that I won't come back.

Today was also my daughter's "school birthday" so I brought in cupcakes (I really don't like the store bought rule!) and got to meet her teacher again and see her class. That is one benefit to having such an early school year birthday. It's chaotic but I get in the classroom right away. I'm glad the bug has passed and that I got to be there.

So now I'm here typing this out while babysitting for a friend. This week has been a blur and I think it is a sign of what the year will be like.

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