Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kroger deals 5/10

I have not been doing well at being frugal lately. We have been so busy so it has been really hard. I do the best I can though, so it isn't like we are going totally off the deep end (we can't afford to do that ;) ) but it still has not been the best lately.

Today I did some much needed grocery shopping. I went in armed with a stack of FREE coupons. I get these from twitter parties, following brands on Facebook, and joining different online groups like Kraft First Taste and Vocalpoint. Really it may not seem worthwhile to sign up for freebie offers, but they really add up!

The Freebies:
8 boxes of Pasta (using the coupon Here plus the sale at Kroger)
1 Bottle of Coffee-Mate (from their #TGIFCM promotion)
1 Bottle of Glade (from Right @ home)
1 Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
1 Pampers Kandoo wipes
2 Johnsonville Chicken Sausage (from their Houseparty)
1 Heinz ketchup (from a $2 coupon on Facebook)
1 Kraft cheese (from Kraft First Taste)

Missing from the picture are a few Power bars, from "Buy One Get one Free" coupons.

I think this can also show how you can eat a balanced meal while couponing. I don't do it extensively (I should do more, but with a teething baby and 2 other kids I don't dedicate the time to it), but I do use coupons to help round out our budget. I didn't just get the free stuff, though there a many things in that which can help make meals, like the pasta and brown rice. I also bought uncooked brown rice which was on sale 2lbs for $1. That is a really wonderful deal and it is a whole food that can be used to stretch meals out. I also bought fruit, veggies, and salad.

I need to go back on Thursday to get meat. I have a feeling the meat that we eat will be on sale then. I usually try to just get it all in one trip (less risk of grabbing what I didn't need) but the meat prices were not what I felt comfortable spending at all.

I will be working on my Menu Plan for Monday to get back in the swing of things :) I also may attempt a Walgreens sale soon. I usually get excited for their sales, then mess it up somehow or the items I want are out of stock. I hope to get into the swing of that, I have heard many good things about the "Drug Store Game" and I really would love to get in on it :)

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