Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beauty School Drop Out

I feel like watching Grease :)

Today I got to have a wonderful "Girl's Day Out" with a great group of friends. It was even more special because one of my dear friends is pregnant and due this month and this was a way for us to pamper her with both Pampering and Pampers (It was a diaper shower). I talked about making a Diaper Cake before and that is exactly what another friend and I did for her shower. It turned out really well and since the diapers are size 2, she'll get to display it for a little while before putting the diapers to good use.

We met at a Beauty School in town to do the pampering. Check in your area if you have one available! The one we went to was very reasonably priced and it made a day of pampering affordable. I was able to get a facial for only $4 (plus tip) which is practically unheard of. They also offer manicures, pedicures, scalp treatments, updos, waxing, and more at severely discounted rates. They are students, so you may be there a little longer since some are new to it, and you may not get the quality you would at an expensive salon but you still get to get out and feel pampered.

I know that I will be back. Between that and the coffee shop a few doors down I felt completely pampered today and I'm not even the Mom-to-be! I also got to support local businesses and save money at the same time. :)

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