Sunday, April 24, 2011

Free Kindle books on Amazon

I still haven't made it to the library. I planned to go after dropping my middle child off at preschool, and didn't realize until I tried to open the door that they didn't open for another hour :blush: I could have tried to go back, but by the time I got home the baby wanted to nap.

Though I love the feel of a good book, and don't currently own an e-reader, Amazon has a "library" of free books to check out. You can download a Kindle app if you are like me and don't own one. It isn't the same as getting a book from the library, but it is a lot easier :)


  1. Just stopping by to say THANKS for entering my Flirty Apron giveaway.... Good luck in the drawing!

    A got a Kindle a few months ago, and got it totally FREE by using Amazon gift cards I'd been collecting from Swagbucks. Now my $5 gift cards are building up again, and I need to find something worthwhile to purchase...

  2. Thank you! It is so cute, I hope I win.

    I should save up for a Kindle- it'd save me shelf space! So far I have been using swagbucks for diapers, not really fun but it does help our budget ;)


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