Saturday, April 30, 2011

Entering Contests

Do you enter contests and giveaways? I used to never enter, but remembered seeing a woman on Oprah a long time ago who had won many things just by entering contests. I'm talking cars, vacations, and lots of money. I realized that it was worth a chance to enter, the worst case is that I wouldn't win and I'd be right where I started. I won't enter anything that requires me to pay to enter (so I don't even play the lottery, much to my husband's dismay when someone local hits the jackpot), but if I just need to fill out a form or leave a comment- I will give it a try. Though I will only enter contests that I would actually want to win. If it is for something I know I will never use, I skip it because my house has enough clutter and sometimes I feel with my luck I'd win the stuff I didn't want ;) Also, fallow your gut. If something looks too good to be true- it is possible that it is. Entering contests off of brand websites or pages and blogs have been pretty safe, but if you have any doubts skip it.

A lot of contests use a standard form or combine a form with an "instant win game." During the holiday season Toys R Us had a giveaway that required you to register, then you would click and see if you matched 3 prizes. I actually did win this one, and got my baby a Handy Manny Tot Rod (which has been put up for his first birthday, he was only 3 months old when I won!). That felt so good to win, and was really easy to do. Check brand websites and Facebook pages for these types of giveaway.

Another method that has been popular lately is a Twitter party. If you haven't signed up for Twitter, you may find that it is worthwhile. You can follow your favorite brands, and many times they offer freebies and giveaways just for their followers.

Last night Melissa and Doug had a Twitter party. Many people would answer their questions and they would pick winners to give different prizes too and offered a discount code for everyone. I was having fun answering the questions and reading the responses others left. The final question was to tell about a time your child embarrassed you. One moment popped right into mind. It was between me and another embarrassed mother- so we both got the prize!

A Trunki!

After having such a rough day yesterday, it ended really well. I needed that boost and today I feel awesome. If you don't already enter contests, I encourage you to try.  Why don't you enter my Purex with Zout giveaway just to break the ice? ;)

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