Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When a good plan goes bad.

I wanted to start out by saying that I have been working with different companies and am so excited about what I will get to do soon! I have been working on different ideas daily and have been putting myself out there so that I can start doing more of what I want to do. I am frugal by nature and necessity. I am also a mother and I have only one semester left before I am a teacher as well. I want to work all these facets of my life into my blog and am finding new, exciting ways to do so! So stay tuned, good things are coming!

With that said, I didn't have the best grocery experience today. I left with a small list of the stuff I wanted to be sure to remember, but since we have a stocked pantry I felt like a big detailed list wasn't necessary since I could wing it and just get what we needed.

I was wrong. SO wrong.

I found that I need my list. I need my menus! I am tired of playing "what's for dinner?" each day. The options seem overwhelming or I'm missing one ingredient that I would like to have for it. I also shopped with 2 of my kids, which usually isn't a problem because I have a game plan and get in and get out. I found myself giving in to the older kids requests and those added up! I also wanted to get 10 of the Mega Kroger items and when I looked at my receipt as I left I had 9. Nine! I was one away from saving another $5, but was flustered and ready to get out so I misjudged what I had in the cart. That would not have happened with a list.

So now I have the motivation to do better next time. I know that it all evens out in the end, so I am trying not to worry too much about it. I also am going to sit down and make a menu for the week so that even though I am doing it out of order, I still have the convenience of knowing what is coming up.

Have you had bad days at the check out? How do you handle it?

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  1. Bad days at the check out for me is when I come in with a detailed list, expect to pay a certain amount for the food on my list and come out with $100 more of food and stuff not on my list.

    Or actually any time I go to costco, I rarely come out with only what I went in to get. Its funny how true implosive buying is.

  2. That happens to me any time I go shopping with my husband. He is a big impulse buyer and I get so distracted that I end up forgetting things. I think my son is following in his footsteps because that is exactly what happened this time.

    I miss Costco! We have Sam's club here, and the same is true. It's easy when everything costs close to $10, so you pick up 20 things and you're pushing $200! I always leave bulk places like that feeling uneasy.


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