Friday, March 25, 2011

Mega Swagbuck Friday + Tips!

It is Mega Swagbuck Friday! Which means that there should be higher denominations when searches are done today! If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks, I suggest doing so today! It may seem too good to be true, but it really isn't. Since June 2010 I have redeemed 29 Giftcards for Amazon ($145) and 1 for Starbucks ($10), just for searching online like I usually do.

I also have some tips and tricks that I have tried out this week. The first has been the most successful with bigger results. I used to have my bookmarks just going to the site I wanted to visit. I would try to remember to search for it, but would forget most of the time. Now I have the searches to the website saved as my bookmark and I have to click through to the website to go to it. It is only 1 more click and just as easy.

So for example, instead of having a link to Facebook as my bookmark/favorite place, I have the link to the swagbucks search for "facebook" saved. So when I click on that, it does a search for facebook and then I click onto facebook to proceed.

I started this on 3/19 to see if it really would make a difference. That day alone I got 24 swagbucks from searches alone. The day before I only had 18 and the day before that only 7. Since then my daily totals have been 30, 26, 39, 35, 33, and 11 already this morning. I changed nothing else in my routine and am already just a few swagbucks away from cashing in another $5 giftcard.

Other things I do daily are to take the daily poll (1 swagbuck), NOSO (2 swagbucks), and Trusted Surveys (1 swagbuck just for clicking it). These all help (doing them all in one month would get 120 swagbucks!) but from my experience searching is really where the money is at.

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