Friday, March 25, 2011

L'Oreal Paris- BzzKit Review

I had plans to clean the house today. I even got my supplies ready to go. Then the mail came and I got this:

Yeah, I played "dress up" instead ;) This is the BzzKit from L'Oreal Paris. It has The One Sweep Eye Shadow in Natural for Blue eyes, and the Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara in Black Crystal for All eyes.

I started with bare eyes to try this out. The L'Oreal Paris The One Sweep Eye Shadow is specially designed to give eyes a professional look with just "one sweep" using their special applicator. I loved that this eye shadow came with a built in mirror! Compacts usually do but eye shadow usually doesn't and it can be hard to apply unless you're in your bathroom. The mirror also made applying the eye shadow easier.

The applicator was a bit tricky to maneuver at first, but once I got the hang of it the eye shadow was easy to apply. I liked that it looked like I had spent more time than just "one sweep" to put it on, though I think that it takes more than just the one sweep to get a professional look. I had to touch it up a little bit, but it didn't take a lot of time to apply. I think that the applicator makes it easy for the 3 toned look, but it could use another applicator for touch ups, because it was hard to do that part with it. There are colors for Blue, Green/Hazel, and Brown eyes, and the suggested retail is $9.95.

I loved the mascara! It was very easy to apply and once I did, my eyes popped. Even more than with the shadow alone. I loved the pearlescent topcoat as well, it really took the mascara to another level. This color is suitable for all eye colors, but they also have colors specific for Blue, Green/Hazel, and Brown eyes and the suggested retail is $10.95.

I put together a step-by-step picture of the make up as I put it on. I think you can really see how the mascara made my eyes pop, even more than the eye shadow did.

I feel way overdressed for Spring Cleaning, but I love that it only took minutes to apply. It makes it easy for everyday wear, so I don't fall into my usual funk of a ponytail, bare face, and comfy pants.

Check out L'Oreal Paris on Facebook for more information. What color are your eyes? Do you buy makeup specifically for your color?

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  1. I always try new colors, but in reality end up back in my safe zone with neutral colors specifically for my eye color (green). I use mauves/raisin colors for my eyes. I've tried the emerald greens and like that for a night time look. It's much darker than I'd wear during the daytime hours. Until I learn how to correctly apply the bold colors without looking like a clown, I stay clear of going out in public with those on.


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