Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do you enter giveaways?

I currently have a Johnsonville giveaway going on, and I received a Layette set from a For The Mommas giveaway today.

A gorgeous set of 6-9 Month clothing from First Impressions. Only downside is I have a baby boy :) The good thing is I have two great friends, one with a baby girl and one due with a baby girl who were coming over. So the clothes have found good homes and my 7 year old daughter loves the teddy bear. So even though it didn't completely work out for me, it was still fun to win.

I usually enter contests and giveaways. I don't win often and only enter ones that I really want to win. I won a Handy Manny Tot Rod from the Toys"R"Us Hot Holiday Toy Giveaway in December which was pretty amazing. I usually don't win, though it doesn't stop me from trying :)

Do you enter contests? What have you won?

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