Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fun Sunday: Kids Activities

One fun part about having kids involved in activities is getting to do special events because of those. Both of my older kids are in scouts (surprise!), and this week had some fun activities for both of them.

 My son got to attend the Blue and Gold banquet (which is the birthday party for Boy Scouts) and my daughter got to attend the Father Daughter dance.

I love being able to go to these events with them. For my son, it was a chance to show him that we were excited about his accomplishments and wanted to take an evening as a family to celebrate him. For my daughter, it was a chance to build her relationship with her father. I love that he is an involved dad and will take her to a dance (and even dress up!).

It's one reason why I try to limit the extracurricular activities to one per kid. We have so much going on with both sets of scouts that if they were in a sport or other activity, managing the schedule would be difficult. I also think that it can teach a good lesson about dedication. They may miss out on other things (such as birthday parties, etc) but they made a commitment to their troop/pack and it's a good lesson to learn from.

I also know that, for me, having too much going on would be problematic. I already feel the stress of working all day, being involved in scouts, and being a parent. If I were to have to take them to more activities, I would feel even more flustered. I see how it works for others though- so do what you are comfortable with :)

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