Saturday, February 2, 2013

Save it Saturday: Save your Trash!

The saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure" isn't new at all. It's all about realizing that something's value is related to how useful someone can make something. If it isn't useful to you, it becomes trash, and leaves your home, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a use.

I just think that there are times when we are too quick to call something trash, rather than figure out a purpose for it. When we put out our trash each week (even with recycling- our area only collects specific things), so much goes wasted. So I've been working on trying to collect things (thankfully I have the basement space to do so) and turn them into something I can use.

  • I've used the tin cans for various things from Girl Scout Projects to organizing my workspace. I keep saving them because I know that I'll find another use for them, like these lanterns on Pinterest

  • We garden each year and I make pickles from the cucumbers. Only I can't keep them in the house because the kids eat them all. This year I plan to make refrigerator pickles so I've been keeping pickle jars to reuse for that, and I can save my canning jars for things I really need to preserve for a longer time. 

  • I've posted a tutorial for a diaper box. These boxes also make great moving boxes, and even if you don't make it over- they are great for storing things. 

  • I've found that the little Greek yogurt cups are the perfect portions for snacks, especially for the toddler. They also make great water dishes when the kids are painting.

  • I've made scarves from old shirts (some results were better than others ;) ). 

  • I keep ice cream tubs for a variety of reasons! They are good popcorn bowls, buckets for the park, or even for when sick kids need a bowl near them while sick (though after that they find their way in the recycling bin). 

Do you hang onto things? What kinds of trash have you made into treasure? 

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