Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Monday: Planning

I've gotten to the point with freezer cooking that I'm really kind of set for awhile. I'm also really tired from work, kids, scouts, etc so I haven't really felt like adding more to it. I know this will backfire, but I'm enjoying the peace as I have it now. It's nice to know that I have food to cook easily with little effort each day. I know that I'll need to add to that in order for that feeling to stay.

On thing that I haven't done a lot of- is actually PLAN my menus. I've gone shopping and bought based on what was on sale, made up a bunch of freezer meals that sound good, then have to figure out what I really have when I'm done.

So I decided to start tracking my freezer inventory. My first thought was to laminate an inventory sheet and use a dry erase marker. Problem: The dry erase markers smear WAY too easily.

Solution: Use a sharpie. When I want to erase, I just color over the sharpie with a dry erase marker, wipe it away and the sharpie is gone (AMAZING! I cannot wait to use this in a classroom).

So after that here's what my inventory looks like:

I used a printable from Organizing Homelife (an amazing blog, you should check it out!), but you can make your own or find one that suits your needs elsewhere.

So now, though I'm not adding to the freezer right now, I know my options for the weekly menu.

How do you organize your freezer cooking?

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