Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Shirt Ideas

I posted before about having a Pinterest party with my friends, it was really fun to get some cute projects done! After that party we decided that we wanted to make another shirt for Christmas. So at the next get-together we got to work.

The first up is a Ribbon Tree shirt:

This shirt is really easy to make but I think the simplicity makes it really pretty. You can do this with ribbon you already have, or buy some for it. Measure and cut the length (this really isn't exact, you can eyeball it and smaller shirts will have a smaller tree). 

Once all the ribbon is cut, you'll need to singe the ends with a lighter so they don't fray. Just be careful not to catch the ribbon on fire :) 

Then I hot glued the ribbon one piece at a time until the tree was done.

It seems like boys don't have as many cute options, so when a friend suggested this, I was so excited.

This is the Christmas Tree shirt:

We just drew a stencil by hand for the car, tree, and tires. You can make your car any color, but this camo was too cute.

Once all the pieces are cut out, hot glue them to the shirt. I used Tacky glue the first time and after washing everything came off. I'm hoping for better results with hot glue.

I would handwash these just to be safe.

See the shirts in action while the kids met the big guy:

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  1. Really creative! Love the trim used for the christmas trees!


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