Monday, September 3, 2012

Project Organize the House: Less is More.

I spent 2 hours cleaning out the kids' rooms this weekend. They were away at a slumber party and I knew this was the best time to go through their stuff without protest. What I found really upset me. Headless Barbies, cut up dolls/clothing, missing puzzle and game pieces, and even torn up books! I could not believe the amount of destruction.

This really taught me a lesson. A few of them actually. The first being "make sure that scissors are kept out of reach at all times."

I was so overwhelmed when I walked into their rooms with the intention to clean them, and if I felt that way I could only imagine how they  feel when I tell them to clean up! I barely knew where to start, but pumped up the music and got to work.

Being overwhelmed isn't just something that happens when it's time to clean up, they can be overwhelmed with too many choices! You say "go play!" but with what?

 I always make the promise to not let their rooms get like that ever again, but I'm going to have to be more proactive about it. If it means reducing their toys even more, or going up every few days to help them reorganize, so be it.


  1. We feel the same pain. My kids love to play but not when they're play area is a mess or they have too many choices. We keep the toys in buckets or baskets on shelves. Then we rotate them from front to back periodically. That gives them fresh and keeps back the boredom. Doesn't always work, but at least it's a start! You're not alone! for sure!

    1. I really love the idea of rotating toys. It seems like when I clean their rooms they discover "new" toys that were hidden under the mess. I finally have the space to stash the toys that are out of rotation, so I think that will be a project to tackle this week. It also helps to know that I'm not alone! Pinterest can make me feel inferior sometimes lol.


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