Monday, August 27, 2012

Valerie's list of things to do: #1 Get A Job

There are so many things I feel like I need to do, that I get overwhelmed by the list. The first thing on my list is to GET A JOB.

I've worked for year, YEARS, on my degree because I thought that once I walked across the stage and got that paper in my hands that my life would change. Or at least my employment status.

I didn't factor in having 3 children, testing for my license, and other issues that have come up during the job hunt. So far it has been discouraging at best.

So that is on my list, I need to get my resume out there, save for the testing I need for my dream job, and look for other opportunities that I may not have considered when I made this plan.


  1. I feel ya, I'm in the same boat...well sorta. Hang in there!

    1. Thank you! I plan to :) Hopefully something great will come along soon for each of us :)


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