Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life is a Marathon

I was so proud of myself Monday. I arranged childcare and got two assignments completed.

Then Tuesday rolled around and I had to get groceries, pick up pictures to start more Christmas gifts, go to Walmart for some odds and ends, then clean the house. The afternoon consisted of walking the girlie to Girl Scouts and taking the boys to the park. After they were finally in bed for the night, I got to watch Glee (it's an obsession at this point).

I feel like it was such a productive day, but I got no assignments done. I didn't even crack open a textbook. On Monday I felt like I should be able to have those results daily, but I know it's not possible. My education, like life, is a marathon. Some days I make a lot of headway while others I'm just slowly plugging along. My mom even commented on Facebook:

"That is how your school work is going to be - in spurts rather than steady progress but in the end it will all be done. Good job."

It really helped me see that I am making progress, the little victories are meaningful, and when I am unable to cross assignments off my list it isn't because I'm lazy. It's because I have other roles to fill. 

I have hope that I'll get a textbook open today (though if the clingy baby on my lap is any indication- that may not happen). Even if I don't, I will get this done :)

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