Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thoughts and Prayers Please

I have been asking for thoughts and prayers all over and wanted to extend that to my readers here.

Yesterday, a friend's 7 year old daughter got too close to their fireplace and her dress caught fire. She is now at a Children's Hospital in a Burn Unit with burns on 60% of her body. She is a fighter, but needs thoughts and prayers at this time. Her whole family does. Her mother and father are staying with her and her younger and older brothers are staying with friends of the family.

This is such a scary ordeal and my heart aches for them. If you could please think about them or add them to your family prayers, I know it will be appreciated. She has a long road to recovery ahead.

Take this time to also discuss Stop, Drop, and Roll with your children and other Fire Safety tips. Have a plan in place.

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