Friday, May 13, 2011

Kroger 5/13

*First I'd like to note that Blogger had some issues this morning and a few of my entries have been lost. I do not know if they will come back (I really hope they will :( ) but if something seems like it is missing, it probably is.*

Since I shopped earlier this week, I did not buy much today. I just knew that the meat sales at Kroger were going to get better, so I waited on that. I even got out $20 extra when I shopped to buy meat with, so that I would be able to just keep one amount in the check book. Not having cash on me backfired again when my total was $20.27. Oops ;) Not too shabby though.

One tip for Kroger is to follow blogs that have the ads before your area. For me, Kroger has their sales start on Thursdays. When I follow blogs like I get to see their ads start on Monday. Not everything will be identical, but you can get an idea of what the sales will be like. You can also start locating coupons that would help you during this time too.

These were my freebies! I got a Free Breve Creme coupon from Vocalpoint. I actually intended to use this on my last shopping trip, but I forgot I had an ecoupon loaded onto it and now Kroger will not let you use both an ecoupon and a paper one for the same item. I also got the Magnum classic completely free from an ecoupon on my Kroger card. So they aren't all bad. The Softsoap was on sale for $1, and I had a 50 cent coupon that doubled to make it free.

Meat can be difficult to get for cheap. Kroger had great sales this week, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts were only $1.77 a pound! I also got 2 Angus Chuck Roasts and an Angus Flat Steak. On top of the good sales, I had a $3 off $15 coupon that Kroger sent and a $1 of Angus coupon, so my meat was $4 cheaper!

Spending only $20.27 was not bad for all that I got and I have well over 2 weeks of meals ready to plan now (adding in the meat I bought with what I had in the freezer).

I plan to make a post going over how to menu plan later, so look for that!


  1. When do the krogers around here have double coupon days? Do you know?

  2. They always double coupons 50 cents or less. Anything 51 cents of higher is just face value.

  3. I definitely need some help on menu planning, and I shop at Aldi's so I don't get in on all the coupons and stuff, but all that coupon jumbo just makes my brain hurt. For one I am HORRIBLE at math, and two it just seems like a lot of work, and I already don't have a lot of free time. Would be great if someone could just plan all this stuff out for me and I could just go and buy it, lol... but I look forward to menu planning... Love ya Val!!!

  4. Follow blogs like and :) They have the Kroger deals spelled out + the coupons needed to make things free/cheap :)

    Shopping at Aldi is a great way to save without coupons though, I only use coupons for certain things. Many times they are just for more "junky" items than I like to make. Menu planning is a great way to save money too because you buy what you need and have a plan for the week so you eat out less ;)


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