Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hi! :)

I am so sorry for being MIA this past week. I know that it seems to be against the "blogger rules" to point that out, but I am really sorry about it and since this is my blog I feel like I can say so :)

This week alone I have:
  • Attended a Mom's meeting (complete with purse swap, a great idea I will share more about!)
  • Attended my son's preschool graduation ceremony (I didn't cry until they mentioned the "Class of 2024")
  • Attended my daughter's "bridging" ceremony for Girl Scouts. She is no longer a Daisy- she's a Brownie :)
  • Met with an insurance adjuster for the 2nd time (after months of phone tag) to have him take another look at the roof. Thankfully he agreed with the contractor and we were given more money on our claim. 
  • Drove an hour to get the insurance checks situated.
Not a ton of stuff, but enough to keep me busy. I have also had little sleep due to a teething baby. He got his second tooth yesterday and started crawling this week, so I hope that means he'll start to sleep again.

Thank you for sticking around :)

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