Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Going Veggie

I go through phases, and right now I am in a "I really don't want to eat meat" phase. It isn't pregnancy related, I actually crave meat while pregnant. With my last I was almost completely on a vegetarian diet for months when suddenly all I wanted was steak and chicken breast. I think that the warmer weather is partially to blame. It's hot and I would rather eat a big salad than go through the effort of making something with meat in it.

This can be really good for your budget (even if you only have a few meatless meals a month), because many meat substitutions are inexpensive. I do not buy the "fake" meat products, because when I choose to avoid meat, I want to avoid it completely and not just switch to fake meat products. Instead, I make dishes that aren't dependent on meat.

The one downside, is that the rest of my family are very dedicated omnivores. When my husband hears that I have planned meatless meals, he throws some bacon in the cart ;) So I have to balance what I make so that everyone is happy. When I make meat, I make sure to make myself something else (either leftovers or filling side dishes).

How do you make different diets work in your household?

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