Saturday, April 16, 2011

Three Good Things

When I would come home from a rough day at school, my mom would always tell me to think of three good things to focus on. They wouldn't make the bad parts of the day go away, but they would always help me realize that even on the worst day, I would be able to find three (or many times more!) good things anyway.

Today is one of the days I needed that reminder. I was supposed to host a Greenworks House Party (my friends were the real "hostesses" but my house was going to be the location) here today, but instead I almost lost my voice and my daughter and husband are coming down with something as well. I also woke up to find that we still had no water. A main waterline broke yesterday morning, and we're still without running water and when we finally get it back we'll have to endure the lovely "boil order" that comes next. If you're lucky enough to live in an area where you don't have to deal with them, a "boil order" means you need to boil water before drinking or using it. We usually skip it altogether and just buy bottled water and hope that the order doesn't last long.

So I sit here without my morning coffee, shower, or fun party to look forward to- a perfect day to be reminded of three good things.

1. My kids are getting along today. Weekends can have difficult moments but for the most part my kids are happy and playing nicely together. They are hiding plastic Easter eggs all over and going on "hunts" in each room of the house.

2. We still have electricity and internet. I can deal with being a bit unwashed for the time being, as long as I have an outlet ;) Today has turned into a pretty lazy PJ day and I am a little glad for it.

3. I was able to get things done before this hit! I already did the biweekly grocery shopping and we have water + other things to drink, food that is easily prepared without water, and snacks for the kids. I also just finished a few loads of laundry, and though they are waiting to be folded I don't have to worry that we won't have anything to wear.

I feel a bit less frazzled after listing those three things. Are you having a rough day or week? Can you think of "three good things?" Share them with me! :)

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  1. I am having a rough week too! So - here are my 3 things.

    1. The little one is playing so happily today and has been "helping" me with my chores.

    2. The lack of water forced me to come up with a delicious new lunch idea!

    3. All the laundry is folded and put away here.


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