Sunday, March 13, 2011

Purex Complete with Zout- Review

I still love watching the mailbox as much as I did as a kid. Though my parents would say "no news is good news" on the days we only got junk mail, I disagreed. Even though now I get plenty of bills in the mail- I still love to watch for treasures. Signing up for freebies helps brighten my day :)

Since becoming a Purex Insider it has felt like Christmas time when the mail comes! I get packages, and as sad as this may sound- I am still happy when I open them to find Laundry Detergent! I have already had the chance to try and review Purex Complete Crystals Softener, and last week I got another package from Purex to try, Purex Complete with Zout.

I was happy to see this came with a Free and Clear option, though my baby hasn't shown any signs of sensitivity to soaps it has been easier to wash everything with Free and Clear than to have to separate his clothing and blankets and use a more expensive detergent on them. It never made sense to me to wash just the baby stuff in one detergent, since he is held most of the time and exposed to my clothing. So it is nice that Purex gives that option for those that either are sensitive to perfumes or have small children and do not want to risk it.

I used it to wash two loads of laundry so far, and feel that the clothes came out smelling fresh (not perfumed, due to being free and clear). I think to have it work even better, I would need to soak the clothing in the machine for a longer time. Having a baby gives me some pretty big stains to test, and though some were left after washing, I know that some of the sleepers were close to being trashed before I tried washing them. I plan to keep trying it and give another review if I find a way that helps it perform even better.

I think this detergent is more helpful for everyday stains that miss the pretreatment, like the shirts that my kids get dirt or food on then toss down the laundry chute without me knowing. I try to catch it all, but doing laundry already takes enough time without meticulously going through all the items.

Don't just rely on my review- Try a Free Sample of Purex Complete with Zout and test it on your own stains :) Let me know what you think! Keep watching my blog for a Purex Complete with Zout giveaway as well!

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