Thursday, March 24, 2011

LUVS Wipes- Review

I have been so excited about my LUVS wipes deal (it ended up being 50 cents per 3 pack, shipped to my door!), but the true test is how well they work. I could get the best price ever, but if they are bad quality, then it really isn't a deal. I have never tried LUVS wipes before, so this is based off of my first time using them.

For the record, I prefer Huggies wipes over every other brand that I have tried from Pampers to store brands. They are thick enough, have a nice scent, and I use fewer wipes. I do not care for Pampers wipes. They are almost too soft and I end up using 3 or more when 1 Huggies wipe would have done the job. My second choice wipe is Parent's Choice, from Walmart, because they are similar in texture to Huggies, but they don't pop up in a container and the scent isn't as good.

With that in mind, I did like the LUVS wipes. They were somewhere between Parent's Choice and Pampers for me. They had a similar texture to Pampers, but I didn't need to use multiple wipes to get the job done. So if you like Pampers wipes, I would give these a try. I did not care for the scent at all. It pretty much stunk (it was overly perfumed) so if your little one has a sensitivity to scents, you may want to avoid these or check to see if there is an unscented option. These are not on par with Huggies wipes, in my opinion, but for the price I bought them at I feel like they were well worth it. I would even pay a bit more than I did for them, but if I had the choice of paying between $0.01-$1 more for Huggies, I think I would pick to spend a bit more on Huggies.

This is completely my own opinion, based on using the wipes this morning. I was not given anything for this review. I plan to continue use the LUVS I have and will keep looking for deals on them. I hope to find an unscented variety though.

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