Saturday, March 12, 2011

Luvs Wipes- Mini Brag

I feel so awesome right now. I ordered Luvs Wipes from because of a post on Money Saving Mom (the original post is gone). There was a lot of confusion based on how the wipes were described and some were saying it was only 216 wipes for $7 while others said it was 864. I ordered it just in case (and used my Swagbucks to make the price only $2) since for $2 it was worth the risk.

I emailed Amazon and got this response today:
I'm writing to follow up on our conversation about your order. I checked our records and can confirm that the Luvs Ultra Clean Wipes comes with 864 wipes (216 Count * Pack of 4).
Awesome! I am really happy that I was able to make it in time for this deal and took the chance :)

I'll have to update when they actually come, they are on backorder until later this month.

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