Saturday, March 5, 2011

Breaking a sweat, without breaking the bank.

I have hit the post-pregnancy stage where I am no longer able to justify my constant eating. At first it was the hunger of nursing a newborn, but now it seems to be more like boredom eating. I'm still nursing my 5.5 month old, but I no longer think I need to be constantly eating to keep up with him. It just has become a habit. This time of year I tend to put on hibernation pounds anyway. It's cold outside, fresh food is so expensive, and holiday food is so good.

I think the biggest change I need is to get moving. I feel like the more I walk, work out, and get up off the couch- the fewer chances I'll have to constantly graze and the more I will want to eat good things to fuel even more activity. This is really difficult with a clingy baby who does not like infant carriers, at least not the ones I have tried, but it is possible. I need to work around his needs.

I wanted to wait until warmer weather, but it is the first week of March now and my MIL just informed me that it is snowing outside. Again. At this rate I will be hibernating until June. So, instead of waiting for the sun, I am going to get moving as much as I can to help get the extra weight off of me and get to feeling good again.

My plans are:
  • Bundling up on clear days and walking the kids to school, then an extra loop around the block (to and from school is about half a mile)
  • Just Dance 2 (from my House Party this fall) has a "Just Sweat" option that logs "sweat points" and tracks your progress. I can easily do this in my living room in about 40 minutes/day, so weather isn't a factor. I also entertain the kids with my skill.
  • Spring Cleaning. My house is maintained, but I could be a more organized housekeeper. I think if I keep up with the house, it'll keep my heartrate up too. I have a radio in my kitchen that can help me stay motivated while I clean.
What gets you moving?  Do you have any weight-loss goals?

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  1. Today while I was cooking pancakes, I turned on the radio and entertained the little one with my dance moves / aerobics. She laughed so hard. After dinner, we went for a short walk, even though it was cold.


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