Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sales on Hold

Blogging has been difficult since the birth of my son. He will be 2 months on the 16th and in the whirlwind of having not only a long pregnancy but a difficult delivery and recovery, I haven't been able to focus on sales as much as I used to! I have also learned that you can't do everything. Pick what works for your family and in the end if you're saving money and able to have a life, then you're winning. Even if others save more- what matters is how you make it work for your family.

I miss it, but in some ways my life is a little more simple when I make a list, make a menu, and just go with the flow in that way rather than match sales to coupons, organize multiple trips, and walk out with a lot of stuff but not enough to make 2 weeks of meals with unless you have other stuff stocked up already. That doesn't mean that I don't feel a twinge of jealousy when I see friends posting about their coupon freebies!

I still plan to keep this blog going because there is more to life than coupons and even using them wisely can really help in the long run. I still don't have to buy pasta at full price and enjoy a bagel with free cream cheese each morning ;)

Some things that I hope to bring up on the blog in the future are:

Winter Entertainment
Christmas Activities
Frugal Gift Ideas
Menu Planning
Freezer Cooking

I do have to say that stocking up on diapers while I could watch the sales was a great idea. We went through them and I was left trying to find good deals as we needed more, which is more difficult. I did join Amazon Mom which gives 15% off of many diapers and by using that, the subscribe and save option (another 15% off), AND coupons found in magazines I was able to get Pampers for 10 cents a diaper. Add in the fact that I used my Swagbucks, not bank account, to pay for them and you've got cheap AND free diapers :D

So stick around to see more of how I make one income work with 3 kids :)

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